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 Open-Source tetrate tetrate (Tetrate) / getenvoy-deb-stable  GitHub Project
GetEnvoy Deb packages (`stable` branch)
Note: Packages in this repository are licensed as Apache License 2.0 (dependencies may be licensed differently).

Format-Specific Setup

To find out how to get setup locally so you can easily install packages, please select one of the formats from the tabs above.

Please note that the term repository here is Cloudsmith's concept of a package or artifact collection, and should not be confused with other package format specific meanings (such as the term as it is used by Docker, to mean a tagged image).

Note: Only help for package formats that exist in this repository is shown. You can also see the help for all package formats.

Need Help?

If you couldn't find what you needed in our documentation, then you can always chat to a member of our team instead. It's our mission to be your dedicated off-site team for package management, and we mean it. Come and chat with us, anytime.

Debian logo

Debian Repository Setup

Apt/Dpkg is the package manager of choice for Debian-like systems (such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Raspbian, etc.)

The following instructions are for Debian or compatible packages only.

Distribution Setup

To install packages, you can quickly setup the repository automatically (recommended):

curl -1sLf \
  '' \
  | sudo -E bash

If you need to force a specific distribution, release/version, or even architecture, you can also do that (e.g. if your system is compatible but not identical):

curl -1sLf \
  '' \
  | sudo -E distro=some-distro codename=some-codename arch=some-arch bash

or ... you can manually configure it yourself before installing packages:

apt-get install -y debian-keyring  # debian only
apt-get install -y debian-archive-keyring  # debian only
apt-get install -y apt-transport-https
# For Debian Stretch, Ubuntu 16.04 and later
# For Debian Jessie, Ubuntu 15.10 and earlier
curl -1sLf '' |  gpg --dearmor >> ${keyring_location}
curl -1sLf '' > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/tetrate-getenvoy-deb-stable.list
apt-get update

Note: Please replace ubuntu and xenial above with your actual operating system (distribution and distribution release/version).

Removing Setup

If you no longer want to install packages from the repository, you can remove it with:

rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/tetrate-getenvoy-deb-stable.list
apt-get clean
rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*
apt-get update

Need Help?

If you couldn't find what you needed in our documentation, then you can always chat to a member of our team instead. It's our mission to be your dedicated off-site team for package management, and we mean it. Come and chat with us, anytime.

What's this page? You can always download packages from Cloudsmith manually, but native package manager setup allows you to simplify and automate downloads. A native package manager has intelligence built-in that allows it to understand concepts like metadata, versioning, duplication, convergence, etc. As such, we will always recommend that you install natively where possible. Learn more in the setup documentation.