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 Public spatialos spatialos / gdk-for-unity
GDK for Unity: NPM packages to be used with the SpatialOS GDK for Unity

npm logo io.improbable.gdk.core  0.4.0

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SpatialOS GDK Core Module.




117.4 KB



Status  Completed
Checksum (MD5) 77937a757ff5b9b686af594dd5343757
Checksum (SHA-1) 0a92467b75795063a61561d3a069e2d78e7c723c
Checksum (SHA-256) 18b8339ec87d38721f870052c19c0181948ff9a38502167ea40aade2700db03e
Checksum (SHA-512) 1ce2d68f38988d031e1d99d13b633f4c75626215ca1138948ac24b5219e61dc963…
Storage Region Default Region
Type  Source (contains source code or documentation)
Uploaded At 1 month ago
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Unique Id Fjiggi2i79Fk
Version (Parsed)
  • Major: 0
  • Minor: 4
  • Patch: 0
  • Type: SemVer (Strict)
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Package 100% Valid
Author Improbable Worlds Ltd
Dependencies 'com.unity.burst' '1.3.5' | 'com.unity.entities' '0.14.0-preview.18' | 'io.improbable.gdk.testutils' '0.4.0' | '' '0.4.0' | 'io.improbable.worker.sdk' '0.4.0'
pkg io.improbable.gdk.core-0.4.0.tgz 149
117.4 KB
md5 sha1 sha256 sha512
Package Contents (io.improbable.gdk.core-0.4.0.tgz)

This package has 540 files/directories.


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These instructions assume you have setup the repository first (or read it).

To install/use io.improbable.gdk.core @ version 0.4.0 ...

npm install 'io.improbable.gdk.core@0.4.0'

You can also install the latest version of this package:

npm install 'io.improbable.gdk.core'

If necessary, you can specify the registry directly:

npm install \
  --registry= \

Alternatively, you can add it to dependencies in your project package.json file:

{ "dependencies": { "io.improbable.gdk.core": "0.4.0" } }

If you're using yarn, you need to add always-auth to your user or project .npmrc:

Warning: We highly recommend using npm dependencies in your own project rather than installing directly.