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 Open-Source machinekit machinekit (Machinekit) / machinekit  GitHub Project
Machinekit: General repository for Machinekit containing dependencies and packages common for all projects.
Note: Packages in this repository are licensed as GNU General Public License v2.0 only (dependencies may be licensed differently).

Debian logo dh-cmake  0.6.2

One-liner (summary)

Debhelper programs for CMake projects


dh-cmake provides a set of Debhelper utilities for building packages that use advanced features of the CMake buildsystem, such as component installation, CTest dashboard testing, and CPack dependency metadata.




17.6 KB



Status  Completed
Checksum (MD5) a4f0d208ac1bbea9a6463895ed386fd3
Checksum (SHA-1) 2abdd27a3810b530ebb72d8187dd2fe745232a75
Checksum (SHA-256) 7948ce57b2644cda9d6d2a2c47b068597e74e570f9e24786e98175b90069f370
Checksum (SHA-512) b647373c9fbce1e2dbdb64f1f7649dd7bc4d96117687386777637bd51e97edaa42…
GPG Signature
Distribution any-distro/any-version - Any Distribution - Any Version
Storage Region Default Region
Type  Binary (contains binaries and binary artifacts)
Uploaded At 1 year, 1 month ago
Uploaded By cerna-StR
Slug Id dh-cmake_062_alldeb-acw
Unique Id xDyrXNRhPLhH
Version (Raw) 0.6.2
Version (Parsed)
  • Major: 0
  • Minor: 6
  • Patch: 2
  • Type: SemVer (Strict)
  extended metadata
Installed Size 81.0 KB
Maintainer Kitware Debian Maintainers <>
Multi Arch foreign
Priority optional
Section devel
Checksum (MD5) ac078d4dde49a9426dac1d20047a4722
Depends debhelper | dpkg-dev | perl:any | python3-debian | python3:any
Recommends cmake >= 3.15
Provides dh-cmake-compat = 1 | dh-sequence-cmake | dh-sequence-cpack | dh-sequence-ctest
pkg dh-cmake_0.6.2_all.deb 4762
17.6 KB
md5 sha1 sha256 sha512
Package Contents (dh-cmake_0.6.2_all.deb)

This package has 45 files/directories.

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|Latest version of 'dh-cmake' @ Cloudsmith|
.. |Latest version of 'dh-cmake' @ Cloudsmith| image::;d=any-distro%252Fany-version;t=binary/?render=true&show_latest=true
image::;d=any-distro%252Fany-version;t=binary/?render=true&show_latest=true[link=";d=any-distro%252Fany-version;t=binary/",title="Latest version of 'dh-cmake' @ Cloudsmith"]
<a href=";d=any-distro%252Fany-version;t=binary/"><img src=";d=any-distro%252Fany-version;t=binary/?render=true&show_latest=true" alt="Latest version of 'dh-cmake' @ Cloudsmith" /></a>

rendered as: Latest version of 'dh-cmake' @ Cloudsmith

These instructions assume you have setup the repository first (or read it).

To install/use dh-cmake @ version 0.6.2 ...

To install packages, you can quickly setup the repository automatically (recommended):

curl -1sLf \
  '' \
  | sudo -E bash

If you need to force a specific distribution, release/version, or even architecture, you can also do that (e.g. if your system is compatible but not identical):

curl -1sLf \
  '' \
  | sudo -E distro=debian codename=wheezy arch=some-arch bash

or ... you can manually configure it yourself before installing packages:

apt-get install -y debian-keyring  # debian only
apt-get install -y debian-archive-keyring  # debian only
apt-get install -y apt-transport-https
# For Debian Stretch, Ubuntu 16.04 and later
# For Debian Jessie, Ubuntu 15.10 and earlier
curl -1sLf '' |  gpg --dearmor > ${keyring_location}
curl -1sLf '' > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/machinekit-machinekit.list
apt-get update
sudo apt-get install dh-cmake=0.6.2
Warning: Note that this package is for Any Distribution Any Version / all and may only work for that configuration.