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 Open-Source isc isc (ISC - Internet Systems Consortium) / kea-1-7 Project
kea-1.7: Kea 1.7.x. This is the current DEVELOPMENT branch of the Kea DHCPv4/DHCPv6/DDNS server. Please note that ISC does not recommend deploying development versions in critical production applications.
Note: Packages in this repository are licensed as Mozilla Public License 2.0 (dependencies may be licensed differently).

Alpine logo isc-kea-dev  1.7.10-risc0030920200728082…

One-liner (summary)

High-performance, extensible DHCP server engine from ISC, supporting both DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 (development files)


Same as above (description was repeated).




8.8 MB



Status  Completed
Checksum (MD5) ad48865febecdc604acfb736fafa8c3c
Checksum (SHA-1) ce6ee8538b6f2ecd7907856e3198ae0be8505ba9
Checksum (SHA-256) 72c1c620275dfe6f5ee67ac99a16f49a4bbdb82460989c3d2acaf350affd0bf6
Checksum (SHA-512) 496efc6c29d3e772664399deaf735eddff2033a8c95a457949bde24ac819848cf8…
Distribution alpine/v3.10 - Alpine Linux - 3.10
Storage Region Default Region
Type  Binary (contains binaries and binary artifacts)
Uploaded At 7 months ago
Uploaded By michal-nowikowski-2
Unique Id LYfvLrmLTYHL
Version (Parsed)
  • Major: 1
  • Minor: 7
  • Patch: 10
  • Pre (Str): risc
  • Pre (Num): 30920200728082656
  • Type: SemVer (Strict)
  extended metadata
Depends isc-kea=1.7.10-risc0030920200728082656
Maintainer Michal Nowikowski <>
Origin isc-kea
Packager Unknown
Size 50.2 MB
pkg isc-kea-dev-1.7.10-risc00309202… 53
8.8 MB
md5 sha1 sha256 sha512
Package Contents (isc-kea-dev-1.7.10-risc0030920200728082656.apk)

This package has 480 files/directories.

 Same Alpine logo
8.8 MB 7 months ago
53 michal-nowikowski-2
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56 michal-nowikowski-2
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59 michal-nowikowski-2
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56 michal-nowikowski-2
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62 michal-nowikowski-2
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8.5 MB 10 months ago
73 michal-nowikowski-2
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89 michal-nowikowski-2
 Older Alpine logo
8.4 MB 1 year ago
109 michal-nowikowski-2
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101 michal-nowikowski-2
 Older Alpine logo
115 michal-nowikowski-2

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These instructions assume you have setup the repository first (or read it).

To install/use isc-kea-dev @ version 1.7.10-risc0030920200728082656 ...

To install packages, you can quickly setup the repository automatically (recommended):

curl -1sLf \
  '' \
  | sudo -E bash

If you need to force a specific distribution, release/version, or even architecture, you can also do that (e.g. if your system is compatible but not identical):

curl -1sLf \
  '' \
  | sudo -E distro=alpine codename=v3.10 arch=some-arch bash

or ... you can manually configure it yourself before installing packages:

curl -1sLf '' > /etc/apk/keys/
curl -1sLf '' >> /etc/apk/repositories
apk update
sudo apk add isc-kea-dev=1.7.10-risc0030920200728082656 --update-cache
Warning: Note that this package is for Alpine Linux 3.10 / x86_64 and may only work for that configuration.