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 Open-Source cloudsmith cloudsmith (Cloudsmith) / cli  GitHub Project
Official repository for the Cloudsmith CLI application.
These tend to be pre-releases, for stable releases download from PyPi:
Note: Packages in this repository are licensed as Apache License 2.0 (dependencies may be licensed differently).
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cloudsmith-cli  0.1.0


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lskillen Lee Skillen

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Cloudsmith Command-Line Interface (CLI)


Cloudsmith Command Line Interface (CLI)

The Cloudsmith Command Line Interface (CLI) is a Py2/Py3 text-based interface to the API. This allows users, machines and other services to access and integrate smoothly with Cloudsmith without requiring explicit plugins or tools.


The CLI currently supports the following commands:

  • check: Check the status/version of the service.
  • delete: Delete a package from a repository.
  • docs: Launch the help website in your browser.
  • push: Push/upload a new package to a repository.
  • status: Get the synchronisation status for a package.
  • token: Retrieve your API authentication token/key.
  • whoami: Retrieve your current authentication status.


There are two configuration files used by the CLI:

  • config.ini: For non-credentials configuration.
  • credentials.ini: For credentials (authentication) configuration.

By default, the CLI will look for these in the following locations:

  • The current working directory.
  • A directory called cloudsmith in the OS-defined application directory. For example:
  • Linux: $HOME/.config/cloudsmith
    • Windows: C:\Users\YourName\AppData\cloudsmith

Both configuration files use the simple INI format, such as:

# Default configuration

# Profile-based configuration (not working yet)

Non-Credentials (config.ini)


Credentials (credentials.ini)

You can specify the following configuration options:

  • api_key: To specify the authentication key/token for API access.


TODO: Provide a list of examples for the CLI tool.


Yes! Please do contribute, this is why we love open source. Please see for contribution guidelines when making code changes or raising issues for bug reports, ideas, discussions and/or questions (i.e. help required).


To make a new release for cloudsmith-cli follow the procedure for virtualenv setup then:

$ bumpversion <major|minor|revision>

A tag will automatically created along with the version bump commit.


This quality product was brought to you by Cloudsmith and the fine folks mentioned in

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Package cloudsmith-cli
Version 0.1.0
Type  Binary (contains binaries and binary artifacts)
License Apache License 2.0
MD5 470c51291184574b037063fd33540c4c
SHA-1 a4f4073bba3439d5ae0feb800f6f5213edc87ced
SHA-256 17033000cb1d79d2c147887a5315345b335a811c0dd20e54f7fab5091d95aed7
SHA-512 a8bad848f2b6ae3a51fd939f4f6863b84ef2c692be7d1bac38d4932663e8f34719…
Author Cloudsmith Ltd <>
Classifiers Development Status :: 3 - Alpha | Environment :: Console | Intended Audience :: Developers | Intended Audience :: System Administrators | License :: OSI Approved :: Apache License 2.0 | Operating System :: POSIX :: Linux | Programming Language :: Python | Programming Language :: Python :: 2 | Programming Language :: Python :: 3 | Topic :: Internet | Topic :: System :: Systems Administration | Topic :: Utilities
Homepage URL
Keywords cloudsmith,cli,devops
Metadata Version 2.0
Platforms any
Py Filetype bdist_wheel
Py Version py2.py3
pkg cloudsmith_cli-0.1.0-py2.py3-no… 166
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This package has 49 files/directories.

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cloudsmith-cli 0.9.0
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cloudsmith-cli 0.7.1
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cloudsmith-cli 0.7.0
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cloudsmith-cli 0.6.0
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cloudsmith-cli 0.5.7
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cloudsmith-cli 0.5.6
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cloudsmith-cli 0.5.5
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cloudsmith-cli 0.5.4
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cloudsmith-cli 0.5.3
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cloudsmith-cli 0.5.2
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cloudsmith-cli 0.5.1
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cloudsmith-cli 0.4.1
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cloudsmith-cli 0.3.4
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cloudsmith-cli 0.3.2
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cloudsmith-cli 0.3.1
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cloudsmith-cli 0.3.0
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cloudsmith-cli 0.2.2
bdist/wheel whl noarch py2/py3 39.0 KB 2 years, 1 month ago
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cloudsmith-cli 0.1.0
bdist/wheel whl noarch py2/py3 27.3 KB 2 years, 2 months ago
166 lskillen

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These instructions assume you have setup the repository first (or read it).

To install/use cloudsmith-cli @ version 0.1.0 ...

pip install 'cloudsmith-cli==0.1.0'

You can also install the latest version of this package:

pip install --upgrade 'cloudsmith-cli'

If necessary, you can specify the repository directly:

pip install \
  --extra-index-url= \

If you've got a project requirements.txt file, you can specify this as a dependency:

Warning: We highly recommend using pip (or similar) rather than installing directly.