Meet the creative minds behind the Cloudsmith brand, business and platform:

Lee Skillen's Gravatar

Lee Skillen

Co-Founder & CTO

The Architect. Lee is our chief coding mercenary and lead nitpicker. Prior to architecting innovative Cloud-based platforms he was a Technical Architect at Belfast-based Wombat Financial Software Ltd / NYSE Technologies Ltd, a low latency market data business, where he led development on high performance data adapters. Prior to Wombat he was (a long time ago) a Founder and Principal Engineer at Newzbin Ltd, creators of the NZB file format, where he helped to develop the world's most advanced indexing database and search engine for Usenet.

Alan Carson's Gravatar

Alan Carson

Co-Founder & CEO

The Logician. Alan is our fearless leader and all-round wheel greaser. Prior to managing innovative Cloud-based platforms he was a Development Manager at Belfast-based Wombat Financial Software Ltd / NYSE Technologies Ltd where he ran new Feed Handler development. Prior to Wombat he spent three years as a Software Architect at not-so-successful broadcast startup FBBT. He spent his early career as a Java Developer for XIT2 in England and Petroleum Helicopters Inc. in the United States.

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Peter Lorimer

Co-Founder & CCO

The Protagonist. Peter is our head of growth and relationships. He has extensive commercial experience working with innovative and disruptive organisations implementing change and managing rapid growth - in start-ups, private equity and the public sector in Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific region – where he spent over 20-years living & exploring. His expertise spans general management, marketing and business development in senior regional and globally focused roles in multiple sectors including Telecoms, Media and Technology, in addition to a 3-year tour-of-duty in the Energy sector. He spends his free time by the sea and in the mountains.

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Paddy Carey

Senior Staff Engineer

The Mediator. Paddy is one of the most well-respected engineers in Northern Ireland. He brings a wealth of experience from ShopKeep and Rehab Studios, and is a co-organizer of PyBelfast.

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Tom Farrell

Senior Director of Marketing

The Campaigner. Tom heads up marketing in Cloudsmith. He has extensive experience, from tiny start-ups to international behemoths and everything in between. In addition to a life in tech marketing he took 6 years out to find out how the other half lived, working in the brand team in Paddy Power. Tom is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin (and is contractually obliged to mention this in all bios) and has reached island 9 in Tiny Wings.

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Tom Gibson

Senior Staff Engineer

The Architect (another one). Tom is one of the core engineering team at Cloudsmith; bringing vast experience in web, realtime, and devops skills developed from over 10 years of experience in the fintech industry.

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Kyle Harrison

Staff Engineer

The Architect. Kyle is one of the core engineering team at Cloudsmith. He has a strong technical background with a passion for open-source and community. He is also a co-organizer of PyBelfast.

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Dan McKinney

Senior Engineer

The Campaigner. Dan is one of the Engineering team and brings over 10 years experience across the Fintech, Manufacturing, Transportation and Consulting industries. When not supporting innovative Cloud-based platforms he can be found working as a DJ and exploring his love for all things music related.

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Andrew Speed

Senior Engineer

The Defender. Andrew is one of the engineering team at Cloudsmith. Having worked for several years on retail and government projects, as well as the occasional open-source contribution, he further enhances Cloudsmith's already vast amount of experience.

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Kimberley Neill


The Campaigner. Kimberley, also known to close friends as "Kimmy", is our quirky design intern who recently graduated from Ulster University. Specialising in graphic design and an appreciator of all forms of art, she is a natural optimist whose main goal is to make powerful, meaningful design and elevate Cloudsmith's image and potential.

Mr Smith's avatar

Mr Smith


The Mascot. Jefferson 'Jeff' Smith is the Chief Awesomeness Officer, in charge of the whimsy and caprice. He spends his days floating across the Cloudsmith aether making everything even more awesome.