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Get Your Own Private Raw Repository

We provide public and private Raw repository hosting, for ultra-fast and secure delivery of your Raw packages. A repository that acts like a container for any type of files. Think DropBox, but with a pinch more awesome. We also support your other favourite formats (see below).

Why wait? Let us handle the package management for you, today.

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The Complete Toolkit For Your Private Raw Repository

Single Sign-On / SAML

Management and on-boarding of users for your team can be problematic, especially when working at scale. With SSO you'll be able to link Cloudsmith to an external authentication service, for automatic provisioning of users. In other words, you can user your existing directory services to manage your Cloudsmith organisation.

Org/Team Management

Collaborate securely with other users in an organisation with no per-seat pricing - In other words, there is no limit to amount of users/seats within an organisation (and no limit to number or size of teams).

Historical Statistics

Track advanced usage of your repositories with detailed usage statistics/metrics. If you need to supplement the builtin views we also offer an API to programmatically access statistics so that you can build your own (soon).

Universal Package Formats

Cloudsmith provides intelligent support for a wide variety of package formats:

Get Started In 60 Seconds ...

You can follow our getting started guide to setup your Cloudsmith account, activate your account, create a repository, upload a package and get it installed, all within 60 seconds. It really is that simple. Try it out: