Single Sign-On / SAML

Management and on-boarding of users for your team can be problematic, especially when working at scale. With SSO you'll be able to link Cloudsmith to an external authentication service, for automatic provisioning of users. In other words, you can user your existing directory services to manage your Cloudsmith organisation.

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Inter-Slack Workspace

Got Slack? Cloudsmith utilises Slack for all of its internal team communication. With the inter-Slack workspace, we will give you a dedicated channel between our Slack instance and yours, for the ultimate in contact with our team. We'll be on-hand to provide support when you need us, as if we were a part of your organisation.

License Governance

Achieving understanding of how software is licensed and used isn't simple or easy. With license governance Cloudsmith will provide you with insight on licenses across all of your software, and how you use them. You will also be able to set controls on which licenses are permitted, in order to minimise your legal liability for incorrect use.

Geo/IP Restriction

Restrict or grant access to your packages based on geographical location, IP ranges or specific IP addresses. If you need to add physical location security to your package management, then Geo/IP Restriction is what you need.

Universal Package Formats

Cloudsmith provides intelligent support for a wide variety of package formats:

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