We are always on the look out for top talent ‘A’ (is for Awesome) players.

Our primary criteria for people we love to work with is as follows (with maybe a smidgen borrowed from Joel Spolsky):

  • Smart.


    Gets Things Done.


    A Lovely Human being.

Simple, right? If you meet that, you’re good to go - The following is a list of our current openings:

Full Stack Engineer

We’re looking for “full-stack” engineers! We need your help to build out the product, scale the service and put sprinkles of quality, automation and magic everywhere we go.

Digital Marketing Executive

We’re looking for a digital marketing executive, and we’ll need your help to promote, manage, measure and distil the Cloudsmith brand, campaigns and messaging.

If you meet the criteria, please contact us to arrange a chat.

The job specifications above might have some specific things you should include with your message/email, so please check them first!