Cloudsmith Logo Color
Cloudsmith Logo White
Cloudsmith Logo White


Cloudsmith Icon Color
Cloudsmith Icon White
Cloudsmith Icon White


Asset Description File Type Dimensions Width to Height Ratio Download
cloudsmith-logo-master-color.svg Vector Logo in Color svg N/A 4 : 1
cloudsmith-logo-master-white.svg Vector Logo in White svg N/A 4 : 1
cloudsmith-icon-master-color.svg Vector Icon in Color svg N/A 1 : 1
cloudsmith-icon-master-white.svg Vector Icon in White svg N/A 1 : 1
cloudsmith-logo-xl-color.png Logo in Color png 1440 x 360 4 : 1
cloudsmith-logo-xl-white.png Logo in White png 1440 x 360 4 : 1
cloudsmith-icon-large-color.png Icon in Color png 300 x 300 1 : 1
cloudsmith-icon-large-white.png Icon in White png 300 x 300 1 : 1

Branding Rules

  • Cloudsmith is a single-word noun. Therefore the 's' of 'smith' is never capitalized.
  • The logo is presented with a lowercase 'c' however when referring to Cloudsmith in text (e.g. an article or press release) the normal rules for nouns apply.

Color Palette

Dark Blue
Light Blue
Dark Grey
Light Grey